Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Houston We Have More Than a Problem....Our Butts Are On Fire!

I'm not going to lie....I am married to a very old fashioned man. He likes and only likes his charcoal grill. Well for Christmas I thought I would splurge on him and buy him an extra special grill. Half is charcoal and the other half gas. I thought for sure he would end up loving the gas side on occasions when charcoal either takes too long or doesn't work just quite right....
So tonight we decided to make drunken chicken for the first time....Looks pretty good from the first picture until we went out to check on it and well.....

Can we say char-grilled! The hubs seems to be a little distraught-maybe because he has been defeated on a grill... but I have laughed and laughed over this....
And it just so happens that Faith is having a photo challenge this week and the theme is food!! I know this isn't the best of pictures...but I couldn't resist.
Now off to Sonic to pick up dinner. :)


  1. Ha! Funny. Looks a moment my husband would have. I'm starving, so anything and everything looks good to me! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. haha! I think this is great. sounds like a nice grill though.

    btw. i love the new header. lookin' good!

  3. LOL. That's awesome! My inlaws call it "Beer Butt Chicken". "Drunken Chicken" sounds classier. ;)

  4. OMgosh...that's TOO funny!!! GREAT food shot :)

  5. LOL! I've never tried to grill a whole chicken - it must be wonderful!