Sunday, July 1, 2012

A May and June Recap

Wow, it's been a busy couple of months! Between work, garden, boat, camping, maintaining the home, etc....there just isn't enough time in the day. Every day I wake up and think to myself that maybe tonight I'll sit down and catch up on my blog and then every night my head hits the pillow and that thought never became reality.
On thing I have been keeping up with is my goal for 2012 on taking at least one picture every day. I found a great tag I follow on Instagram and I've been following those prompts to give me ideas for my pictures. I haven't missed a day yet but between my recent phone change some of the photos seem to be missing. This is what I'm left with for May and June

May 2012:

June 2012:
I really do have plans to keep up with the blog. I miss writing in it and most of all I miss having the pictures posted to print at a later date. On that note I leave you with a picture from the first day in July. It's hotter than hot! We're getting our cool down any way we can.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Picture a Day 2012

I've been taking a picture every day for 2012 but come April I decided to follow some prompts to take certain pictures. I really enjoyed it! Here is the list and I'll also spell it out below. It's all about how YOU interpret each topic. I love it!
1. Your reflection
2. color
3. Mail
4. someone who makes you happy
5. Tiny
6. Lunch
7. Shadow
8. inside your wallet
9. younger you
10. cold
11. where you ate breakfast
12. stairs
13. something you found
14. how you feel today
15. sunset
16. flower
17. something you don't like
18. hair
19. orange
20. something you drew
21. bottle
22. something you bought
24. something you're grateful for
25. looking down
26. Black & white
27. Somewhere you went
28. 1pm
29. circle
30. Something that makes you sad.
Thanks to @fatmumslim for coming up with the list. I can't wait to start May's. All of these were posted on Instagram. I can be found at @gardenjunkie

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Where does the time go!?

It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since I've actually sat down, turned my computer on, and posted anything...Not just posted a blog post....gotten on the computer for ANYTHING! How spoiled we get when all can be done from a simple hand held device like an iPhone.
   When I took on the 366 day challenge at the beginning of the year committing to taking a picture every single day of the year I guess I never realized how many pictures in a day I actually take. Taking the photo is not the problem! Finding time to post them is. In the past two weeks I've been away we've managed to rid our house of 2 truck loads of junk, have a pretty successful yard sale, build a coop for our beloved hens, tend to our garden, go to work & school & fundraiser events and take an upwards of 200 pictures! Yes, 200! So here it is, scaled down to a simple 15 pictures that help sum up our past two weeks... In no particular order: 
Breakfast with Mom at school.
My sweet baby E.
Our chicken coop we built for the girls.
Are you ready for some football!?!?
Our first harvest from the 2012 garden! Radish anyone!?
Playing catch!
You are never too old to play in the rain! We all do it!! :)
Splish splash...or body board!
and I leave the post with a few kisses from Aaron & the chick chick until next week!!
life rearranged

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 15 and a very happy birthday to the oldest kiddo!!

This week has been all about the K-meister! Six! It is so hard to believe he is six! We kept the whole party idea pretty quiet this year and decided to head over to a friends house for a cook out, cake and presents. The dude made out like a bandit! Bike, roller blades, money, new wallet, Wii games, DS games, a GA jersey that he hasn't taken off in 3 days now....I think I'm going to have to sneak it off to wash it in his sleep.
This is how his birthday morning started:
and this is how it ended:
Two cakes! Yes, one to take to school which is seen above and then the other for dinner.
No, we're not crazy! He didn't get drums for his birthday. He did enjoy playing them though! From the looks of this picture he seems like a natural.
And that's it! Another year done...another year older. It's crazy how fast time flies.
In other news we've settled in quite nicely from our camping trip. The dogs, kids, and of course us adults were all exhausted! We've enjoyed somewhat of an unproductive week.
That picture in the middle of E is a new fun app I've found on my iPhone. When I need a good laugh I just pull that picture up.
And of course, lets not forget the chickens, as they do feel like they rule the roost!
These little girls are getting bigger and bigger everyday! You can see in that bottom picture that little BBQ is about ready to fly the coop.....So with that being said-it's pretty obvious what we'll be doing this weekend. Yep, building them their new coop for outside. We are going to attempt to build them something called a chicken tractor. Wish us luck! I'm sure I'll be back with pictures and hopefully no stories of loss of fingers in the process.
life rearranged

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter/Dreher Island 2012

We headed out for our first trip of 2012! It was also our first trip in our new camper. Excitement was an understatement!!
(and yes, I did eventually end up falling....and totally busting up my leg.)
The weather was chiiiiillllly in the mornings!!!
and perfectly warm in the afternoons!!!

The Easter Bunny even came to visit while we were there. One really cool thing is not only did he leave the Easter Baskets but then the campground put on an Easter egg hunt that all the kids enjoyed!
We also went ahead and gave K one of his birthday presents. This was too perfect of a location not too.
Overall this was a PERFECT trip other than the fact that it was far too short! It was a great start to our camping season. We can't wait to go again!!

life rearranged

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My sweet Keagan

To this day my sweet boy I still sneak into your room to check on you. I love to lay my head on your pillow and to feel your breath against my cheeks. I watch you and wonder what you're dreaming about. I can't believe in a little over a week you'll be 6 years old. You truly are my little angel and I love you!

Week 13!

Fish, Chickens, Birthdays....Oh my! Busy busy week it's been! I've barely found time to sit down and write about it!
I do love our neighborhood! The boys have some great friends and the pond to fish in is awesome! Seriously, this is probably the smallest bass I have ever seen!
Chickens!!! Oh yeah, we've got chickens! Three of them! McNugget, BBQ, and Hermione are their names. They are super sweet and we can't wait until they start producing eggs! As of now they live in our kitchen but we'll begin building their coop here soon.
And last but certainly not least is the dear hubs birthday and a little hanging out....It has been gorgeous outside and we can't get enough of it!! This weekend coming up is our first camping trip of the year and also our first trip in our new camper. We're so excited!! Four more work days to get through and we're there! Can't wait!!
life rearranged