Tuesday, January 25, 2011

May I please have my tail back!?!?

This weekend was a fun filled weekend at the family's house. The boys get along so well with their cousins. It's like a vacation in itself when we go there. We decided to head over at the last minute and learned while we were on our way that there was a bowling party that the kids would be going to on Saturday afternoon.
Awesome! Keagan had never been bowling and it had been years since I'd been so I thought it would be fun for the whole family....Kids party or not.
Let me just say...Bowling in real life is nothing like bowling on the Wii....You forget these things. Apparently according to the Wii I'm a bowling pro...Ha! Funny! In real life I think my score was a 64 or something crazy like that. And that's with bumpers!!
I also tried to snap a few pictures but between the horrible lighting and chasing after a one year old who was fascinated with the huge colorful balls-not too many pictures came out of that trip. Fun nonetheless!

On our way back home Sunday morning we were running on little sleep and very grumpy children. We decided to stop for a quick breakfast at one of our favorite unapproved fast food restaurants and this was our view! I laughed and laughed....I'm also still trying to decide if this was a worker (who would obviously be very motivated to get to work....) or a customer (who would obviously be very hungry)...either way-I have never seen a moped quite so pimped out!
Please note the homemade windshield....and the rodent at the bottom of the picture who clearly wants his tail back! :)
Wordish Wednesday


  1. We had a Bowling/BBW birthday party for J last weekend as well. The kids' balls kept going in the gutter (no bumpers, unfortunately), but they all had great fun. :)

  2. We love to go bowling. My husband and I bowled every Monday night for a year when we first started dating. And we even had my daughter's first birthday party at the bowling alley. We haven't been in a while, but I must say that when I get in a groove, I do pretty well (even though my husband still usually beats me!).

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Great shots! I like taking my daughter bowling but we have to get one of those chutes you roll the ball down or we'll be there all day; LOL

  4. The REAL life bowling is FUN and specially night bowling.

  5. I love bowling, but we seldom do it these days. I'm a Pro on the Wii, too, tho! :)