Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday: Camping

Camping: Camping should be a member of our family. We love it as if it is one....

First Camping Trip with a Child:
I remember our first camping trip after we had K. I was scared to take him and I remember waiting until he was 2 years old. I'm not sure in my mind what made 2 the magically number but it was. We went for Mother's Day 2008 and it was far from perfect. I'm actually surprised I ever went camping again.
Day 1 was beautiful! We enjoyed fishing, hiking, and just relaxing by the fire. Our campsite was not the best, to say the least....That night we had severe thunderstorms to the point that we considered sleeping in the truck. I swear before the storms I heard animals outside the tent trying to carry the grill off. We packed up in the pouring rain and then stopped at a Waffle House on the way home for a much needed meal just to lock our keys in the car. We were stuck at that waffle house for 2 hours while we waited on a locksmith.... Happy Mother's Day to me!!

Camping Trip #2:
Somehow that dear husband of mine convinced me to go camping again. It actually wasn't that hard to twist my arm. Just as you forget how painful childbirth is....I believe I blocked out how awful that last camping trip was too. I'm glad I went. It opened up a whole new light on staying in a tent, being one with nature, and forgetting all the stresses and reality back at home!

Camping Trip with a Pop-up:
We did it!! Finally after several camping trips in a tent we decided to break down and buy a pop-up. We found a great deal on one from a family who only was selling it so they could purchase a bigger camper. They had great memories in the pop-up and I had no doubt that we would soon start creating those same memories with our family in it too.
We went on one very fun camping trip in that pop-up and then on the Sunday we returned we found out the great news that we were going to have another baby! Amazing but scary! I panicked and we soon sold the pop-up to another family looking to make memories. Even though we didn't have the pop-up for any longer than one trip it turns out the doctor E had while he was in ICU was the Dad we bought the pop-up from originally. It's amazing how small the world is.

Camping Trips with Two Kids:
It's spring....Beautiful weather! No need to wait until E is two years old. We decided to go out camping in a tent...with both boys. I don't believe the camping trip could have turned out better. We found one of our favorite campgrounds. We actually have plans to go back there this year! It was gorgeous.

So What's the only Next Logical Move:
Yes! We bought a camper! We decided after camping in a tent over and over again, watching the weather channel like a hawk to make sure we weren't in a tent during another severe thunderstorm, and proving to ourselves that our family is indeed a camping family...the next logical move for us was to take the plunge.
Our first trip out in it is this weekend. K is so excited he can hardly stand it and I must admit I am too! We'll never forget where we came from and we still plan on doing some tent camping also....especially when it's just going to be the husband and I. In the meantime though we're going to enjoy the most of our new "Vacation Home." Already for this year we have 5 camping trips planned. It's time to get the fun started!! :)
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  1. As someone who grew up camping -- I loved looking at your pictures and remembering. You will be making some lifelong memories for your little ones!

    Great Miscellany Monday.


  2. Congrats on the camper. How exciting!

    LOVE that fishing pic. So, so sweet!

  3. Congrats on the camper. We use to go "camping" at the beach when I was little. We haven't been as a family, maybe we should think about it!

  4. Looks luxurious, if I had a camper like that I might be tempted to venture out and camp too.

  5. What a fun trip down memory lane - I know you're super excited about your camper, and can't wait to hear about all your adventures with it!

  6. this looks a very comfortable form of camping!

  7. Just popping back over today to once again thank you for your prayers for my Samuel. I am truly grateful.

    (and now, once again, I want to go camping. <>>)