Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet sweet Keagan. The other night I pulled out your newborn photo album reminiscing back to 5 years ago. I remember we were so young. Neither your Daddy or I had ever changed a diaper much less taken care of a baby. I remember after you were born and the wonderful hospital staff getting us all set up into our room. They rolled you in for a visit and then said, "Please let us know if you need anything...." and walked out the door. Daddy and I looked at each other and then looked at you and thought to each other, "Well what on earth do we do now!?"
Five years later and here we are. We must have done something right because you have grown up to be such a handsome, caring, sweet soul with a pure boys heart. You love to play in the dirt with your cars and trucks. One of your favorites is riding your bike after rain just so you can watch your tires go in the puddles. I saw this great idea on Mallard Cove Mommy's blog and decided to sit you down the night before you turned 5 and ask you a couple of questions. This is how our Q & A went:
My favorite color is.....black, red, orange, and green
My favorite TV show is......The Backyardigans
My favorite book is....How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
My favorite movie is....Transformers
I feel happy when.....it's summer
I feel sad when.....I'm in time out
I like to......get a treat from Ms. Tracy's treasure box
I don't like to.....be alone
I think Daddy is.....funny and crazy
I think Mommy is.....nice
I think Easton.....messes with my stuff
I think Boodro and Ironman Sally are.....funny
I like to play with.....daddy
My favorite toy is.....trucks and cars
I am really good at.....cleaning up and getting a treat (That must be at school because you sure don't clean up here.)
I am excited over.....camping at the beach this summer
I like to go......to the beach
My favorite food is.....chicken and hashbrowns
My best friend is....Xander
I love.....everybody but Memphis because he is always bad and nasty
Happy 5th Birthday sweet boy! I love you.


  1. And happy "birth" day to you! I've loved watching K grow over the years. It makes a grandad proud. And I've loved watching you grow. It makes a dad proud. I can't wait 'til y'all come to the beach.

  2. Yay! He's SO cute...and I love his answers. Hope it's a wonderful celebration!

  3. How sweet! He is growing into SUCH a handsome little man. Patrick and I were the same way when we had Elena...that first diaper change was an experience. You and Aaron are the best parents to your boys. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!