Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taking the Monkeys to the Zoo....

Happy Mother's Day!! What a great day I had! Don't get me wrong. It wasn't anything like the daydreams. I didn't wake up to breakfast in bed. I didn't wake up to gifts by my side....Heck I didn't even get a card. My husband had all plans of going shopping (at the last minute) after his 4 hours of work on Saturday and those 4 hours turned into 12....and well... the shopping never got done. Needless to say, I woke up to nothing. That's okay though because after our wonderful breakfast out and a fun trip to the zoo-I didn't need anything else. I was reminded of just how lucky I really was and that was all that I needed.

This was E's first trip to the zoo. We knew that he would enjoy it because he gets a pure kick out of the birds in our yard. We just knew when he saw an elephant, or a lion, or tiger that he would absolutely go crazy. I'm sure this may be a picture overload but we really had a good time. The animals were just excited about the beautiful weather as we were!!
That was E's first look at the animals. I love it!! He was beyond excited!!
The lions were amazing. We sat and watched them for quite awhile. I swear I think they are camera hams and knew I had my camera out!!
Fruit Loops, anyone!?!?!
Whoa!! I seriously couldn't believe the capture my camera caught here...This bird meant business!!
There are no words to describe the joy I felt today. I didn't need a card...or breakfast in bed. I didn't need a whole lot of fancy gifts or even a surprise when I was least expecting it....I just needed a beautiful day with my boys. All 3 of them. And that's what I got...and that was the best Mother's Day present I could have ever asked for!


  1. That certainly seems like a nice Mother's Day present!

  2. After reading so many facebook posts today about "I got this {insert jewelry} and I got that {insert flowers}" it's so nice to see someone who got what means the most - love and time and most of all, a true sense of appreciation. I'm so glad you had a wonderful mother's day with your boys!

  3. That shot of the lion is gorgeous! Glad you had your camera. Happy Macro Monday

  4. What a day out!
    Love the little shoes, and the lion close-up is great.

  5. LOVE that last shot, Mom. :) What a perfect day!

  6. What a perfect day... great photos...

  7. These are fantastic shots and it looks like you had the most fantastic day. I love that lion shot especially.

  8. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. What a lovely Mother's Day! We went to the zoo on Saturday, but I failed to capture any good photos. You have some great shots here.