Friday, June 10, 2011

Garden Journal-June 10

Our garden is growing leaps and bounds. It's amazing to look back at the pictures from May 1st and May 15th and see the growth from then and now.
Our goal was to have enough food to not just enjoy throughout the summer but to also be able to eat some homegrown organic veggies throughout the rest of the year. Above is a picture of our harvest from last night. So far we've been able to put away about 350 sugar snap pea pods, about 25 zucchini and 15 squash, we've eaten fresh from the garden several cucumbers and peppers (I can't wait to make some pickles), and just last night we picked about 55 pole beans. I was chopping them up to prepare them for blanching and freezing.
The sunflowers are just UNREAL! I remember a month ago thinking they were so tall when they had almost reached K's height. Now they have surpassed the whole family and our privacy fence. I can't wait until they actually bloom!

The watermelon are one of my favorite things to look at daily. They have taken over their area of the garden and looking for them is like playing hide & seek. We have about 8 on the vines. The one pictured above is our biggest. It's about the size of a small football already.
We have probably close to 40-50 tomatoes. Wowzers....And to think I don't even eat tomatoes. The rest of my family does though. I'm going to have to get with my friend over at Mallard Cove Mommy to find out the best way to can them.
The rest of the garden is doing just as well. Here is a small peek of some bell peppers, eggplant, and squash. We have little baby okra on our okra plants as well.
Blogging from Bolivia
Before I left the garden for the morning I also had to take a picture of our little visitor we had last night. I  must say that I am quite honored to have his visit considering it'll be another 13 years before we are graced with his presence again. :)


  1. I love that last shot - reminds me of my childhood finding those little buggers!

  2. We live in an apartment, so I don't have the luxury of being able to grow our own garden, but I would love to! Nothing like organic fruits and veggies! I'm glad to have Whole Foods so I can buy them, but it would be fun to be able to grow my own :)

    & I have never seen one of those bugs. My Husband decided that maybe they're in the more Southern part of our County, because I have never seen them, but he grew up in Tennessee and he remembers them when he was a kid. I hear they're loud, and they attack...haha, glad I've never seen one! :)

  3. Great photo of your visitor. I guess all critters can't be beautiful!

  4. I hear you regarding the cicada - we had some last year!!
    Terrific garden shots!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. It's really nice to grow so much food. The last photo is great! But I don't get why it will take another 13 years...

  6. I'm a little confused myself...and I thought that as soon as I posted this. The news here is making a huge deal because apparently the cicadas only come out every 13 years....but I swear I've seen then more than that. Who knows? ;)

  7. I love your garden, so plentiful. And the creepy little cicaca? Beauty comes in many forms!

  8. WOW! Great garden. 13 years? I thought we got them every year around here. ha ha.

  9. I think the cicadas are a little more frequent... maybe a few different types make their "rounds" in different years? Love that you're able to grow such a wonderful garden and introduce the family to farming and eating fresh. It truly is a luxury :) Great collection of shots

  10. We also just started our own veggie garden. I can understand the joy you have when you see them grow and bear fruits =)

  11. What a fabulous garden! I especially love the cicada photo. Did you get to watch him climb out of this exoskeleton? I saw it once when I was about 10 and never forgot it. Went on to teach biology for 36 years!
    I'm your new follower.