Sunday, July 24, 2011


To my dear sweet boys,
I've been spending the past few days thinking back on our summer....The fun and exciting camping trips we've been on, the lazy days at the house, the chaos of getting all of us up and out the door in time to get Mommy & Daddy to work. I've watched you both grow so much.
E, you are just starting to become your own individual. You love to sit back and play with cars and trucks all by yourself yet you want to do everything with your older brother and your goal appears to be just like him. You are our cuddlier and in the mornings you'll take turns sitting with each of us, almost as if not to hurt any one's feelings. You were born to be outdoors and cry when we come inside. You've become quite the kisser and love to give good morning, good afternoon, good night, and all day kisses. I love to watch your little wheels turning and think you are growing up to be quite the ladies man...
K, you are getting to be one big boy! You have gone from being a little boy in my mind to a kid that is getting ready to start school! You love and want to be just like your Daddy. Your excitement for camping and trucks is almost too much for you to handle. I love watching you play by yourself when you think I'm not watching. The conversations that your cars and trucks have with each other are just so cute and grown up in their own innocent way. You have a sweet sweet soul and can't stand to hurt any one's feelings or to get in trouble. When you think you've done wrong you stick yourself in to time out and it always pulls at my heartstrings. You will be having a visitor, the tooth fairy, come by real soon and we can't wait!!
Both of you have made this the best summer ever for me! I love you both and can't wait to see what the fall has in store for us.


  1. This is such a sweet letter to your littles. Happy Summer.

  2. And it ain't over yet. You have discovered life's greatest joy, your kids. Actually, right now I see it's raining, and that's a pretty big joy.