Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Sneak Peek

I was just sitting here looking out the back door and it's hard to believe our neighbors to the northeast are in the middle of a hurricane right now. Here at the homestead it's a little overcast with a slight breeze in the trees. I'm sure that is all in thanks to Hurricane Irene also. I am thankful for the good weather this weekend though since tomorrow is our big annual back to school feast fit for a King!! Okay, yeah, this is the first back to school feast but eventually it will be an annual event! Here is a sneak peek of part of the table decoration that I made this morning.
This back to school feast isn't all my brilliant idea. I must give credit where credit is due. I'm doing this in full fledged Nie Nie style. But of course with my own unique twists. More to come of this feast later on in the week when I get a chance to post the pictures. K and E seem very excited about it though.
In the mean time our Saturday is moving on. I'm trying to work off a head cold and I guess it's time to stop pretending that I don't hear the kids, laundry, dishes, and yard calling my name.