Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas with Shutterfly

I know....I know...It's not even Halloween yet! But I'm already geared for Christmas and with less than two months away-that means the Christmas card planning has begun. I've used Shutterfly for all my card needs. Most recently was our last Christmas card from last year that I just LOVED!!
The year before that we came up with this clever card. K just loved being the center of attention!
Gosh, I love looking back at old cards. We've not only used Shutterfly for our Christmas needs but when it was time to announce the birth of our second sweet baby boy, we used them for that too!!
Thank you Shutterfly for awesome cards time and time again. I look forward to coming up with another family Christmas card again this year....and Shutterfly will be the only outsider invited to the party. :)

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