Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!

I had a great little Halloween Feast with the family last night. It wasn't planned and at about 3:00 I decided to throw something together really quickly. I had some Halloween decorations that we bought 50% off about 3 years ago and have never used. While the boys were outside playing I grabbed them from the attic and got to work. On the menu was still what I had originally planned for dinner we just stepped it up a notch by giving it all a new name.
  • Shredded Frankenbrains aka Shredded beer BBQ chicken in the crock pot
  • Maggots aka rice
  • Smashed liver & onions aka squash and onions
  • Grubs aka greenbeans
I went out and cut some fresh mums from our 4 year old mum outside. I didn't realize it until later that I also brought in a little visitor with them.
I grabbed the two pumpkins that K brought home from his field trips to the pumpkin patch and just to add a little spunk I cut out a bat and used some of my jewelry wire to make the bat hover.
The end result certainly wasn't anything spectacular but it brought smiles to the boys faces for sure!

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary! ~Author Unknown



  1. How fun. Cute shots and decorations.

  2. How fun! Inspiring to be so creative on short notice...I tend to over think, so this was good for me!

  3. Your mums are beautiful... I wish my mums looked so good. I can't grow a thing here in the desert...

    Jeanna @