Saturday, December 17, 2011

Festival of Lights~Country Style

Who doesn't love holiday lights??? Mix them with a some farm animals and you have a festival of lights, Country Style!!
We had so much fun last night. We wanted to head to Hollywild last year to see all the lights but between our sub-freezing temperatures and having a little one that we worried wouldn't quite see the enjoyment in lights, we decided against it. This year with a balmy 55 degree night and two excited was perfect!
The lights were beautiful, although a little hard to take pictures of when you're in a truck constantly moving.
We got to see the cousins to the reindeer at the North Pole. ;)
And the best part of the trip had to be the best friend that Aaron made. This had all of us cracking up!
This big boy stuck around until our entire bag of bread and crackers were gone....And of course he didn't want to leave without giving back. Aaron was left with a nice present of drool on his shirt and lap. hehe....
After emptying our bags of all the food we had it was time to head to.......
I ended up putting my camera away because it started raining on us some and I didn't want it to get wet. The village was full of all sorts of fun though. We stood by the big bon fire and sipped on hot chocolate. We played with more goats, deer, and even a zadonkie. At the end of the evening Santa made an entrance and K got to tell him everything he wished for.....No pictures allowed unless you bought their $6 photo taken by some teen. No thanks! That's okay though because it's a memory stamped in my head forever regardless. <3

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