Sunday, January 8, 2012

Passing the time

Rainy. Dieting. Saving Money. Sounds like the combo for a fun day, huh?? Yeah, no. Not really. Especially with two three boys to constantly entertain. I knew I had to figure out something. Football would help entertain one but we still needed some food to munch on and I wanted to be able to partake in some of it. So.....Fruit....and chocolate, it is!
I had a lot of fun making these. I took some bananas and split them into thirds. Dipped them into some melted dark chocolate. Sprinkled some sprinkles on them for the whole "kid" effect and stuck them in the freezer for a few hours.
In the mean time, I also took some strawberries and dipped them in some fat free Greek vanilla yogurt and stuck them in the freezer too.
Fast forward the clock a few hours and it's time to taste test!!!
I'll be honest. Not to wild about the strawberries. I really thought I'd like them but something about the smell of the Greek yogurt turned me off. The boys wouldn't even try them.
The bananas on the other hand. YUMMY!!! K tried them and him being the non sweet fan that he is, he took one bite and threw his away. I loved them though and have no problem continuing to eat them.
E? Well E never really got to try them. We couldn't pull him away from the Valentine Day candy long enough to care about anything that had to do with a banana.
"The only time you should eat diet food is while you're waiting on the steak to cook"~Julia Child


  1. Fun quote...and bummed to hear about the strawberry/yogurt thing. I was going to try that!

  2. Well, at least the strawberries LOOKED good. LOL! ;)