Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, I'm in love....

It's Friday....and I'm in love with: mild nights, fire pits, and long weekends.
I'm tired of the cold. I'm starting to get the mid winter blues. I begin to worry about money....the mess in my house....the lack of time to do anything! I worry about how I will ever get ANYTHING done yet I continue to commit myself to things. I look out the window at the dirt spot in my yard and daydream about my thriving garden. Eventually we always give into the cold and go outside anyways. We just can't stand ourselves. Last weekend we worked in 45 degree weather with 15 mile an hour winds for 3 hours in our garden. My face was painted red the next day from wind burn. But I didn't care. Valentine's Day has come and gone. We all got some goodies. The boys, some chocolate and cupids to decorate and Mr. Hubs and I splurged on some surf and turf for dinner. Overall it's been a pretty good week and I'm really looking forward to our weekend. Nothing major planned except for Monday. I have the day off. School is still in session so the boys will be out and about. On a normal day off alone in the house I would be busy with housework, errands, and anything else to keep myself busy. I plan on doing just the opposite this Monday. The guilt will eventually start to sink in but I've been given strict orders to do nothing but lie around on the couch and watch whatever in the world I want to watch all day long. Hmmmm, I think I maybe can deal with that.
life rearranged


  1. A day in sounds so nice... just doing anything you want. Enjoy.

  2. That sounds like a plan! Stick to it!
    LOve you!

  3. Lay back and recharge the batteries.