Monday, April 30, 2012

April Picture a Day 2012

I've been taking a picture every day for 2012 but come April I decided to follow some prompts to take certain pictures. I really enjoyed it! Here is the list and I'll also spell it out below. It's all about how YOU interpret each topic. I love it!
1. Your reflection
2. color
3. Mail
4. someone who makes you happy
5. Tiny
6. Lunch
7. Shadow
8. inside your wallet
9. younger you
10. cold
11. where you ate breakfast
12. stairs
13. something you found
14. how you feel today
15. sunset
16. flower
17. something you don't like
18. hair
19. orange
20. something you drew
21. bottle
22. something you bought
24. something you're grateful for
25. looking down
26. Black & white
27. Somewhere you went
28. 1pm
29. circle
30. Something that makes you sad.
Thanks to @fatmumslim for coming up with the list. I can't wait to start May's. All of these were posted on Instagram. I can be found at @gardenjunkie

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