Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter/Dreher Island 2012

We headed out for our first trip of 2012! It was also our first trip in our new camper. Excitement was an understatement!!
(and yes, I did eventually end up falling....and totally busting up my leg.)
The weather was chiiiiillllly in the mornings!!!
and perfectly warm in the afternoons!!!

The Easter Bunny even came to visit while we were there. One really cool thing is not only did he leave the Easter Baskets but then the campground put on an Easter egg hunt that all the kids enjoyed!
We also went ahead and gave K one of his birthday presents. This was too perfect of a location not too.
Overall this was a PERFECT trip other than the fact that it was far too short! It was a great start to our camping season. We can't wait to go again!!

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  1. What a fun way to spend the holiday...and I so LOVE that "afternoon" shot!

  2. I love the pirates' ship.

  3. Looks live y'all had a blast! How fun!

  4. I enjoyed looking through your images!!! Very beautiful!