Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rainy Days

It's been a very wet, cold, rainy weekend. I know the yard is loving the rain but I'm personally wondering what happened to the beautiful weather. I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever yesterday so I decided to go wonder the yard in the sprinkling rain. I absolutely despise having dandelions in our yard but when I came across this one it peaked my curiosity. I realized I've never seen the seeds to these flowers weeds. Even something as small as a weed has a purpose in it's little life. Pretty neat, I thought.


  1. I agree that it all has purpose.. beautiful capture.. I am still wondering the purpose of mosquitos, and they are present alreay in Texas...

  2. That is a cool capture...and a beautiful thought, too, Jessica!

  3. We are getting flooded too - another downpour and thunderstorm this morning...there goes my idea for a picnic lunch!