Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carolina Blue Dinomites 2011

It's soccer time!!
We signed Keagan up with to play soccer with the American Youth Soccer Association. I love the way they approach playing with kids this age. It's all about positive interaction and having fun. It's run by all volunteers and each parent has to commit to not only being responsible for their own child but also helping with coaching, being the team parent, bringing snacks, and helping to assist with other kids as needed.
We had our first game today and the positive vibes brought on by all the parents cheering for every kid and each child getting to play was much needed.

30 minutes before each game practice is held. The kids have drills of kicking the ball through cones, running the ball to the goal, and passing the ball from child to child.
And let the games begin!!!
Once the whistle is blown it is pretty much a free for all with a bunch for 4 year olds running around the field. I must say it is very entertaining. Even Easton was entertained and seen here cheering his brother along!
**I was bummed to noticed once I got home a blurry spot on all the pictures. I had a smear on my lens and couldn't see it while on the field since it was so bright.
Running the ball....
and more running....
These kids mean business out there!!
SCORE!!! I love the blonde kid in the background cheering his teammates on.

We had a great time and really look forward to the next game. Between camping and soccer it looks like this is what the next 8 wks of our spring/summer will be filled with. Who knows, maybe we're looking at the next David Beckham. :)


  1. Sam played soccer from 3-6 years. It was great b/c in the fall we loved the cool weather and in the spring we loved the warm weather! :)

    Love the photos.

  2. That's great. It will teach himm so much more than running and kicking a ball.