Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 17

It's been quite the busy day. I woke up this morning thinking it would be like any other Friday but after being at work for only an hour I get a call that E's temp is running around 102.3 and that he needed to be picked up. Not what I wanted to hear! After taking him to the doctor just to be told what I already know-he has another ear infection, we then came home and started getting busy. I'll save all the details for another post because you know I took pictures along the way! In a nutshell though I made my first ever blueberry jam and dill pickles. I also had plenty of time to get some cleaning done and to work on day 17's picture. This one was hard. Day 17 is "Bokeh." Basically if you don't know what that is-its a fancy Japanese way of saying blur or more specifically something like a uniform disk blur. Anyways, here you have it-Day 17...
It's a picture of one of our many peppers growing out back.


  1. I enjoy your pictures. I got the bokeh circles by using a close-up lens. There was a tree in the background with the sun shining through the leaves.

  2. Oh, no! Hope he's feeling better very soon.

    Fantastic pepper, Jessica. We had our first one a few days ago.