Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge~ Day 20 & 21

Day 20-Water....
E is getting to such a fun age! He's turning into a little boy instead of a baby. You can actually ask him questions like, "Are you ready for your bath?" or "Are you ready to go to bed?" and he'll take off running towards the bathtub or grab your hand and lead you to his room. He's really sweet and it's very exciting for me to watch him grow and learn. He absolutely loves his bath and when he's in it I make sure to get all the un-fun stuff out of the way, like the cleaning and washing of the hair, butt, and itty bitty toes, that way he can spend the rest of his time having some fun in the water!!
Day 21~Macro
This is a picture of one of my most dreaded enemies that actually enter our garden. SQUASH BUGS! I don't have a huge problem with them, at the time....but the problem is, they can be incredibly hard to get rid of. If you're even attempting an organic garden and start becoming infested with these little fella's then you might as well give it up. So far so good-I've been able to swipe off all these nasty little eggs to keep the nymphs under control.


  1. Cute picture of E :) I always wash Bree's hair and stuff so she can have tons of fun in the tub!

  2. Aww. Love that first photo. Eek about the bugs.