Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Headboard

From this..... with a few short steps in between. :)

We have been without a headboard for....well, lets see. Always! Not only have we never had a headboard but our bedroom is always the one to get set aside. I was looking around on the Internet and saw a "how to" on making your own headboard. I loved her idea except instead of staining the wood she did stencils on it. I showed it to the hubs and since we had nothing better to do this weekend, we decided we would give it a try.
I love the natural knots in the wood.
Funny enough, the comforter set I'm asking for from Santa will most certainly cost more than our headboard did.

Wood: $23.03
Stain: $7.19
Screws: $7.50
Total: $37.72 for a 100% heavy duty wooden headboard.
And of course it's worth so much more to us since it has our own blood (yes, I slammed the wood onto my ankle) and sweat (it was only 100 degrees as we were working) built into it.

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  1. that is beautiful.. well done.. hoping santa brings ya just what you are seeking!