Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tooth Fairy hits the homestead.....

Seems like just yesterday on December 10, 2006 I was marking the first spot in K's baby book that he had officially cut his first tooth.....
I blinked and....
....that first tooth was gone. Amazing how fast times flies! I am giddy with excitement because I see the joy in my son's eyes. He keeps asking me if I'm still exciting because he wants to keep the moment alive. Of course I'm excited!!!!!

but at the same time my eyes fill with tears on the fact that my baby boy is growing up. As if starting kindergarten in just two weeks wasn't a big enough milestone....He goes and pulls this on me.

The tooth fairy is however super excited and decided to go all out and do a little something different this go around. He's getting a little dollar gift box that not only shares a small little note from the tooth fairy but also holds $2.61 to be exact. Tomorrow morning is guaranteed to be fun! Not only can the tooth fairy not wait but Mommy and Daddy can't wait either!


  1. What a cool idea...lucky boy!

  2. Oh, what a monumental moment! That tooth fairy box is too cute :)

  3. That is an awesome tooth fairy you have over there! What a big moment!