Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let The Feast Begin!!

I was reading another blog, as I often do, and I saw where this very creative momma was throwing her kids a back to school feast. I thought the idea was brilliant! Here it is K's first year in "real" school which means it's a perfect time to start a new tradition.
I immediately set the plan into action. Luckily I wasn't too busy at work and spent my lunch hours crafting crowns, shopping for goblets, and coming up with the menu.
I don't consider myself to be too creative and pondered what on earth to put on these crowns. I finally came up with the idea of using the meaning of their names. K's stands for ball of fire (which really couldn't be further from the truth), and E's means outdoorsy or river settlement. That was a tough one.
I also made the center piece using matching flowers that went so well with the goblets and plates.
and for K's little keepsake token I ordered the most beautiful stained glass star from a very talented couple. Not only was the star beautiful but it was so carefully wrapped. It was just perfect!! I'm so worried they will stop making these beautiful stars before all the years of school are up. I'm tempted to by several now, while I can. :)
The food was wonderful. We had a big taco bar, chips, dip, ice cream, and the most delicious cupcakes. Once dark fell, we continued the feast by playing with our glow in the dark King's sword.
Fun times were had by all. I can't wait to do it even bigger and better next year!


  1. Aw, what a great way to celebrate your kids' return to school! Following you now via GFC.

  2. How cool is that. Looks like so much fun.

  3. Great tradition....I want to be a kid again...at your house.

  4. Such a sweet shots...and I really LOVE that star!

  5. Cute! The crowns are great! PS-love the name Keagan!

  6. Wow nice!
    I'm not sure if you receive some kind of notification when I replied to your comment so I just wanted to say that I replied :) I used woven fabric!