Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take a stand against cancer!

So much is already going on this fall! It has been busy busy! Just today I've got apple butter in the crock pot simmering, wreaths a'wrappin, the kids finger painting some canvas' to hang on my wall, frames being painted by myself and all the ideas swirling in my head as how I want to transform my little computer corner. I've dedicated this year to being a homemade Christmas. Not for the kiddos but for friends and family. That pledge has kept me quite busy, to say the least.
The point of this whole post though was to help take my stand against cancer. Over at Brassy Apple Megan is collecting shoe photos that will all be donated to help raise funds for research that will go to For those of you who know me then you know that this is a passion of mine. Anything I can do to aid in the research of cancer, I'm in....And what more perfect of a shot than my little boy sportin' Momma's favorite shoes. :)

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