Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh Dear Blog.....

Oh Dear Blog.....
I have not been ignoring you. I still love you dearly even though I have found a new passion. PINTEREST!! We have been living in our home for almost 4 years. I had given up hope on this old house and had begun to ask myself time and time again....Why did we buy you!? This website has given me a whole new perspective of our home. It helped get my creative juices turning and now I feel like the house is alive!!
We replaced our very ugly front door with a new door that I could not wait to paint red! I then promptly made a fall wreath to go on it.
Once I began the wreaths I decided to start making more for family and friends. Here are the ones I've made for the teachers for Christmas. (taken with phone....not best picture quality.)
I then decided to spruce the house up for the fall season with a few yarn pumpkins. They look so cute sitting on my new craft cabinet that I splurged on and bought myself. (also taken with phone.)
One of my new favorite stores is a store that I used to avoid at all cost. Goodwill! In the 4 years we've lived back in this state I have never stepped foot in a Goodwill. Well until this week. And bingo....I found exactly what I was looking for! This is one of my favorite new additions. It's a wooden ladder that finally allows me to display my grandma's antique pitchers. I've had them for a while just stored in the attic because this house had no where to put them. Aren't they gorgeous!?

 I'm excited about future projects that will include pallets, old windows, mason jars, and flowers! More to come....Can't wait!


  1. That ladder is such a cool idea! And, I love those pumpkins.

  2. LOL! You sound just like me! Old house = Overwhelmed! This past year I have asked myself "Why? Why? Why did I think I wanted an old home with character?" Then back in July, I stumbled into blogland, which led to Pinterest and my passion to revamp this place is back. Scarred hardwood floors are vintage. Got plaster? That's cool. Its has character. I have found so many great ideas that will make the quirks of this place look like its SUPPOSED to be that way. All it takes its a little DIY mojo, hard work, and ingenuity. Hopefully, by this time next year I can post pictures of entire rooms, instead of just little snippets of the projects I've been working on. LOL