Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bath time is.....Uh, not always a fun time

Right now I deal with two different boys when it's time for a bath and/or shower. One LOVES to get into the bath but when it comes to washing of any kind he screams bloody murder. He simply wants to get into the tub to play with his cars and trucks and get out on his terms. My other one hates to take a shower and will make every excuse in the world to not get in but then once he is in I can not coerce him to get out for anything.
It can be exhausting each night.
I had seen an idea floating around on the web for a fun and entertaining bath time and had thought a little about it but then forgot about it until today. I was in my most favorite craft store picking things up for Christmas presents and I saw that they had a sale on glow sticks.  15 for $1.00! How could you go wrong!?
So this was our bath time....
I'm not sure I got all their dirty spots....And I'm not really sure I care. :) I was able to kill two birds with one stone and get them both "clean" at one time and there was zero crying involved!! After bath time was over they each collected their own glow sticks and now they are running around the house entertained by them. It was one of the best dollars I have spent in a while!

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