Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doggy park at Cleveland Park

We had fun today. We've all been a little couped up in the house this weekend with Daddy under the weather. Finally today he's been feeling somewhat better and we decided to ask K what he wanted to do. His answer, "Doggy park!" Okay! Sounds good to me....Free, fun, and the weather is beautiful. We packed up a picnic, grabbed the dog, and headed downtown for a late morning of fun.
This beautiful fall weather just has everyone begging to go outside. It was perfect!
This photograph was taken by the up and coming photographer, K. :)
The flowers were BEAUTIFUL! They even found a little tunnel.
I didn't really get any good photos at the doggy park....With two little boys and a dog, things were a little crazy. Boodro was in his element though and we did have a lot of fun at the playground afterwards too. It's not very often that we have nothing planned and don't have to hurry you boys at the playground. Today we were able to just sit back, eat our lunch and play.
Two halves make a whole and you boys are our whole. <3

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