Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a bird....It's a plane....No...It's a tomato cage!

Yes! I am very much in the Christmas spirit. And no, I have not even posted the jumping in the leaf pile photos yet...I'm running a little behind but Christmas has me so giddy I can't hardly help myself. My Dear Husband tells me it's too early to decorate so he wants no part in pulling the decorations down from the attic....or going to pick out a tree at the farm. I know I could do all that myself and trust me, I've been half tempted too....instead though, I shall make a tree of my own. This my friends is made from an old rusty tomato cage from our garden. It's still totally usable come spring but in the mean time I put a zip time on the end....wrapped it in garland....strung it with lights, and called it my tree! I think it turned out quite well and is a perfect beginning to my Christmas decor. ;)

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