Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jumping Jack!

I thought while I was sitting here at the computer I should probably go ahead and post the fall leaf pictures I've been hanging onto.
We have, without a doubt, the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood come fall. It produces BEAUTIFUL colors! We normally wait until it's peak and then we build a pile full of I'm sure thousands and thousands of leaves to jump in.
This year we just about missed it while we were on my birthday trip in the mountains. The Sunday we got home Aaron rounded up as many leaves as he could and we had a ball!!


  1. Way cute! It looks like everyone had a ton of fun! :)

  2. You guys were having way too much fun! :) Great shots, girl.

  3. You DO have opone of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen in your front yard! Plus, you take some of the BEST fall pictures ANYWHERE!