Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Family Newbie

Sooooo....We traded our camper in. Some say we are never satisfied but I like to say we're go-getters. Maybe they're right...I don't know. But I figure as long as we continue to find bigger or better deals then what's the harm? Yes, maybe we only had our old camper for 11 months....Maybe in the 8 years A and I have been together we've owned a total of 9 cars and/or trucks.....WOW, putting that in writing is crazy. NINE vehicles in 8 years! Regardless though, we always almost always get a great deal and well, at the moment I think we are satisfied. Aaron's truck is paid off and I have two more years on mine....Come back in two years and ask us if we're ready for change and we'll probably say, "yes!"

We all love the camper but for different reasons. K LOVES the bunk beds! I don't blame him....As a kid, I would too. E loves that there is room to run around. I personally love the bar and the stools that come with it. Extra sitting room is always nice and I can't wait to sew some bar stool cushions. And A...Well I'm not sure what his favorite part of it is. Maybe all the storage....I don't know. I didn't ask. ;) Overall we are super thrilled. Our first camping trip isn't scheduled until April. Hopefully we can find time to sneak one or two in before then.

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  1. I think you should go "camping" in your yard to test it out. I really looks fun, and roomy.