Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 366: Week 4

My name is Jessica/Jess/Mommy/Momma/Hey Babe, and I have a problem. I have a problem with sitting still and taking a rest. I feel the day is a waste if I have it off and I'm not involved in some sort of project or trip. Even when I wake up and tell myself that I am going to relax today, I find it virtually impossible to actually conquer that goal. Luckily I have married someone much like me and we have created two awesome boys who are growing up to know no different. This past weekend was no exception to the rule. Aaron worked all day on Saturday so needless to say the boys and I were in serious need for something to do Sunday. I had decided that I would paint my laundry off to Lowe's we go. Well a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up paint turned into an hour long quest and several hundred dollars later 13 boxes full of new floor sat in our truck. Now you can only guess what I spent the entire last week doing!!
Day 21: We're in the process of moving E over to his big boy bed. It seemed like K took this transition so easily and with that big smile on his face, I thought E would too....Yeah, not so much. We haven't slept a night in it yet.

Day 22. The floors! We had just begun. In a room that measures 14x30, this was only the beginning!

Day 23. We are preparing for the 100th day of school!! In kindergarten the 100th day is a pretty big deal. One of our homework projects was to count out 100 anythings....Well we decided on 100 kisses! :)

Day 24: Day 24 was not the best day of the week. I received a call from K's after school teacher saying he had a slight accident and that I better head on over. I'm used to "boo boo reports." Trust me, with two boys, I've had plenty! What I was not prepared for was the giant gash in my baby's poor forehead from the steps he fell on. Needless to say, we spent a good part of the evening in the after hours emergency care getting all sown up.

Day 25: They were concerned with the gash being so deep that the stitches may actually not hold. This is a picture of my lil' guy after leaving the Dr. for a second time. It wasn't a very fun visit. They had to renumb the wound and do a little more work to it.

Day 26: Picking out the paint!! One project always leads to another. At this point the floors weren't even done yet but I knew a new paint job was in order!

Day 27: K's art project he brought home from school. He called it his Ninja Racing Snail. I thought it was cute.

Day 28: Who doesn't like a good burger from Fuddruckers!!??

Start at the beginning of these pictures and fast forward to 8 days later.....We have all the flooring down and half the the livingroom painted. I'm exhausted and ready to sit by the cozy fire and call it a night.

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  1. Stay busy, keep the projects coming, have fun, and don't forget to use your good camera, too. "An idle brain is the devils playground."