Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week one of Project 366

So here I am again....Last year I made a commitment to myself to take a picture every single day of the year. Well let's face it, I. Failed. Miserably. With two kids, a busy life, bags, purses, and did I mention two VERY active boys :), it's just not practical for me to always have my big fancy camera on hand. This year I've decided to tone it down some. Of course I'll still be taking pictures with my camera but this year I vow to myself to take a picture every single day with my phone. What this means is that the pictures may not always be the best quality. They may not always be interesting because yes, I do spend 40-50 hours a week sitting behind the same exact desk, and they may be completely boring to the average Joe...but to me they will be a photo journal in between the normal post of our lives on a day to day basis. I hope to sneak in little craft projects or redos of the house, camping pictures that didn't quite make the cut with the regular camera, and just the day to day of us. So now...Let's get on to week one!
1/366. Our new building!! A and I have never attempted anything of the sorts. I'd say with this being our first time the building is looking pretty good. It's still not totally complete. It's hard trying to fit it into the time frame of work and family but we're getting there.

2/366. About the only good thing about Old Man Winter coming to stay are the clementines that he brings with him. YUM!

3/366. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. My lifeline in the mornings.

4/366. Didn't I say Old Man Winters doesn't bring much good? Yes, I meant it! 18 degrees. Seriously??

5/366. This would be Elmo being eaten by a shark towel. This can only be done by a certain little boy of ours.

6/366. Bed Head~WHOA! I think it might be time for a hair cut.

That's it for this weeks Project 366. I'll be back next week!


  1. Great will be fun to follow. I resolved to use my camera every day. So far, I'm failing by about a third of the days.

  2. I borrowed this from Shell, who evidently borrowed it from you. Thanks for sharing! :)