Friday, March 9, 2012

It's a Friday Phone Dump!!!

Just in case it's not obvious for the week....I am loving my new phone! I love love to take pictures on it! It's also been a pretty good week for pictures anyways. The weather has been wonderful. Spring is without a doubt on it's way. The week has been full of working in the garden, going for long walks with the dogs, and finding really fresh fruit at the market. Another really great event that happened was K was elected as the Kid of Character in his class for trustworthiness. Way to go Mr. K-man! If there was ever a wonderful trait to have, trustworthiness would be it!
Our new puppy, Bear, is still adjusting to the life of potty training but he is doing so well otherwise! He's a sweet boy and gets along so well with Boodro and the boys. At this point he isn't one for walks but prefers to ride in the back of the stroller. Sooooo cute but not sure how that will be manageable once he gets full grown.
I got another kick start on my working out. I went to the gym every day this week and feel great! I have less than a month before our first camping trip of the season (yay!) and must get rid of some of this winter weight before then! I guess that's a wrap for week 10. I can't believe we're already 11 weeks into 2012. Where is it going!?!

I am also ashamed to admit that I TOTALLY forgot we were going to donate cans to a food drive/shelter this week. That's how busy life gets yet that is never an excuse! I know it's never to late to donate and that is still a very important plan of mine. Maybe we'll go pick them up this weekend!
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  1. That's a seriously impressive collection of Instagram photos! I wish I remembered to take that many! :)

  2. Love it! Amazing how snapping a few photos can instantly give one a quick glimpse into our lives. You have some seriously cute kiddos. :)