Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Tale of the Leprechaun

The easiest way to wake Keagan up in the mornings is to tell him something he can be excited about for the day. Yesterday morning I went into his room, shook him good morning and told him, "Guess what!? When you get home from school today we're going to build a leprechaun trap and catch us a leprechaun." He didn't buy into it and told me leprechaun's were way too fast to catch. I told him that was not so....Just wait and see. I looked up to see Aaron staring at me most likely thinking,"What are we going to do now??!"
I put together my plan at work and this is what we all collectively came up with:
The long trail to nowhere....
We had our trap sitting on the tv stand and in ordered for the little guy to be able to get to it we built a really tall ladder for him to be able to climb on up.
The trap...
We painted an empty box of grits and then decorated it with things that would be charming to a little leprechaun. The leaves hold some lucky charms for bait. Little does he know that when he steps on the leaves he'll fall into the hole and not be able to get back out....
Keagan was shocked! It looks like we did indeed catch a leprechaun but he used his shovel to dig himself out....And left gold chocolate coins along the way. I thought that was the cutest shovel I had ever seen. It was pure luck that I found it on my lunch break and knew exactly what I'd use it for!!
After all the excitement Keagan collected the coins and said, "I must have had a nice leprechaun because he didn't turn anything green." I just nodded and went about my business for the morning.
A few minutes later I hear, "Ok....The leprechaun peed in my bathroom!!!" haha! I thought that was so funny. He actually refused to use it until I cleaned the green out.
Breakfast time:
You've got to have Lucky Charms on St. Patty's day, right?? I sat Keagan at the table and poured the cereal into his bowl. Then I went and grabbed the milk and started pouring....The look on his face was priceless then he said, "Mommy, he peed in our milk too!!"
It was quite the excitement for our morning and unfortunately Easton missed the whole thing. He slept in until 9:00!! Oh well, there is always next year. :)

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