Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday Phone Dump on....a Sunday

Here are my pictures for week 11 of the year:
1. After staring at that yummy jelly donut I decided to not give into temptation.
2.These two doggies have become best friends. I didn't realize how brown Bear actually is until I saw him up against Boo.
3. A not so happy Bear.
4. Baby toes! And no, the dog and kid did not bathe together.
5. I've started printing all my photos from my phone. There is an awesome free app called Postal Pix. You just upload your photos and they mail them out.
6. We are officially done with training wheels for Keagan. He has become quite a pro. He's going to be more than excited for the big boy bike he's getting in a few weeks for his birthday.
7. Cheese! This is where this child is most happy. Loves his baths.
8. Whoa! I've not seen his face this naked in almost EIGHT years. He walked out and said, "Surprise!"
9. Little dude watering our banana tree. You can tell the warm weather is here! Our tree is growing like a weed.
10. Our compost. I'm shocked at how well our compost has turned out. It's so amazing to me how this was once food.
11. The boys' Easter baskets that I ordered. Love them!!
12. My new Smash Journal. I can't wait to get started. It's the perfect place for all the iPhone pictures I've printed!

That's a wrap for week 11. I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee and quiet time before the boys wake up. Poor Aaron is working both Saturday and Sunday this week and probably next Saturday too. I'm so grateful to have a hardworking husband....But even hard workers need a break!
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