Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 12-According to iPhone pics it's been a good one!

I shouldn't be sitting here writing about the 12th week of the year right now. We've actually purchased some elephant dung compost from the zoo about two hours away and unfortunately the storms tonight have postponed our pick up. Boo on that! I'm rather disappointed and wonder when we'll ever be able to get down there now.
This first set of pictures were all taken on St. Patty's Day. We had a great family day full of baseball out at the field down the road from us, planting plants in our yard, and of course....homemade GREEN BEER!!
In the second set of pictures lets start out with Aaron's wonderful ability of putting up his clothes! I fold them but refuse to put them away! I'm honestly starting to think he may be slightly confused on which part of the dresser you are supposed to use. Of course the rest of the photos are of us being outside. It has been beautiful! On the last day of winter it was 87 degrees!! I love it! I love the hot! I love the trees, flowers, and garden blooming. I'm just so thankful that myself and family don't fight any allergies from this time of year. I'm not sure how we'd handle it.
Last but not least are a couple of randoms from the week. Since I've decided to get Aaron trash service pickup for his birthday....(yes, I'm serious) I came up with the plan of doing his whole birthday "trash" themed-therefor as his gifts he will be opening....a box of trash bags, some garbage pail kid cards, an Oscar the grouch book, and then of course the final present of the trash pickup.....Also his cake will be done in the design of a trash compost pile. :)
Also in this set of pictures is the resort we've decided to stay at in where?? Walt Disney World!! I am so excited! We made our reservations last night to spend several nights there over the Halloween holiday. I am excited beyond words and just ready to start planning! I have to remind myself that it's only March and that we still have several other trips to enjoy before we get to that one. :)
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  1. What's up with the buble bee? I tricked my brother into grabbing a bumble bee off a flower (when he was about four and I was about seven). It stung him several times because they don't have barbs on their stingers. They're like miniature daggers.

  2. Awe I love the baseball pictures. It takes me back! My brother and I played growing up starting with t ball. And I'm so jealous of your Disney vaca! That is the perfect time of year to go (at least I think so). We were just there a couple months ago. Hopefully they will be finished with the new section they are buildung at the Magic Kingdom! You should head over to Epcot to check out the Food and Wine Festival.

  3. Ahhh...we'll be in Disney at the end of September. We LOVE it...and you will, too! You certainly know how to have fun, my friend!