Monday, April 4, 2011

Sharing the Love....

As I share my love of gardening.....

1. Laying it out:
2. Watering the pods:

3. What we're planting!

4. Time to plant:

5. and now we wait.....
...Daddy shares his love of wild and crazy hair!
I know a hair cut is due for my precious boy....but I just hate to see those curls go.


  1. Those last two are so precious! We've really gotta get our garden going soon.

  2. Again, so jealous of the gardening!
    That last photo is so awesome - love that little face!

  3. Love it. Great shots of the kids, espacially the last of K.

  4. So sweet! Your boys are just precious and K-man is getting more and more handsome by the day. I know how you feel about the curls...that's why Elena has yet to get her first hair cut at over three years old.

  5. How cute!! Your boys are adorable!

  6. How fun! Cute photos.